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Perfect is Boring

I have probably watched more television this last year than I have the rest of my life put together. Ironic seeing as I don’t actually own a TV, but thanks to Netflix and Hulu I’ve been able to catch up on entire TV series.

Watching one series at a time works well for me. I get disconnected waiting week to week to watch the next episode of a show and am rarely free when an episode airs on TV, so Netflix and Hulu are wonderful.

I’ve always been a multi-tasker. Usually when I watch TV I’m running on the treadmill, washing dishes, painting, or folding laundry. I set my laptop up in the corner and work and relax at the same time. Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a reality TV kick. I never got into American Idol but, for some reason, I love the X Factor. The most fascinating thing about competitive reality shows is watching gifted contestants interact with each other. So many start out strong and full of confidence. They know they have talent. They are used to being on top— then they meet the competition. Singing, modeling, dancing- it doesn’t seem to matter. Some of the strongest contestants start to crumble, not because they are any less talented, but because they start looking around at everyone else instead of looking ahead.

Dr. Michael Easley once said, “Comparison is the kiss of death of gratitude. When you start comparing your lot in life to somebody else’s you stop being thankful for what God has given you. Comparison will stop gratitude every time.” It seems so innocent to compare, but it can be so deadly. When contestants start to compare themselves, you can often see the confidence get sucked out of their eyes. They often start to lose their nerve and lose the special something that made them so good to begin with.

We are a society plagued not only with the desire to compete; but also the tendency to compare. Which kid is cuter? Whose bike is better? Who is the more talented singer, actor, writer, photographer the list is endless. Somewhere in the middle of it all, the idea that different people have different styles has gotten lost. One particular style isn’t necessarily better than another style; it’s just different. If everyone looked the same, sounded the same, or even had the same style of painting how boring would that be. Model Tyra Banks likes to say, “Perfect is boring, human is beautiful.”

Being human means being an individual and liking a unique combinations of colors, foods, clothing, and even hobbies. It also means that not everyone will agree with you all of the time, because you have different thoughts and feelings. It means you are an original and not to be compared to anyone else.


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