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Meet me in St Louis, Louis

Yesterday I got my first parking ticket so in I way I feel like I am an official city resident now. Yes, I’d read the no parking on the first Monday, third Thursday, and second Friday after a full moon signs but as a creature of habit I tend to park in relatively the same place everyday and forget which spots should be avoided on which days. Thankfully, parking my car in the path of the street sweeper was only a ten dollar fine and should help me remember to take those signs more seriously in the future.

So far, I love the historic city of St Louis. My friend describes it as many different neighborhoods connected together with the city spreading out instead of up as it does with skyscrapers in many other cities. I’m not a fan of the traffic though. Living on the south end of the city is nice and definitely has much more of a neighborhood feel, but when I drive toward downtown for work the five lanes of traffic still up my stress levels. It’s fun being able to see the arch as I drive toward the city, but I have to focus so much on making sure I can get over in time to catch my exit that I don’t really have the chance to enjoy the view.

The houses are beautiful. Mostly slim brick row houses with a quaint almost European charm. The city and neighborhood parks are charming as well and help take away the harsh concrete jungle effect that others cities have.

St Louis


People love their pets here. There always seems to be someone out walking their dog. I know people all over the country love their pets, but in a city having a pet (especially a dog) has almost a different purpose. Pets are a social door. Walking a dog in the park is a safe way to communicate with a stranger without getting too close. Pets allow for friendly interactions between strangers without anyone coming across as a creeper.

I’ve also noticed that St Louis loves four way stops. It seems like when not on the interstate those red signs pop up all over the place. Four way, three way, on coming traffic has the right of way. I’m starting to get the hang of it mostly and have only gotten honked at a couple of times.

Overall, I love it here. One of my favorite things about living in the city again is that people ask you what you do for a living instead of who are you dating. It’s also been refreshing to be around different ethnic groups and to hear a foreign language being spoken at the grocery store. I love the diversity, the culture, the chance to be around intertwining worlds. St Louis has a lot of beauty, and I’m glad I get to call it home for the next few months.

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My Cup Runs Over

It’s the little things that really seem to make life matter. A light dusting of snow falling the day before my birthday, finding a hidden koala bear while geocaching with friends, making it safely through St Louis traffic. That’s when I feel closest to God. I’m not going to lie. I doubt more than I should. I often assume the worst is bound to happen and am usually shocked when everything works out just fine. I’m the queen of wondering what if I get lost, what if I got the time wrong, what if I wrote down the wrong number? Wasted energy on phantom troubles, and yet God still sees me through.

Maybe it’s silly but being a January baby I’ve always felt that having snow on my birthday is like getting a birthday present from God. This year I’d already rationalized that it was too warm for snow talking myself out of getting my hopes up… and then it snowed. A light, soft snow just enough to cover the ground and then it melted away.

I hadn’t expected much for my birthday this year. I was in the processes of packing for a move and just didn’t have the energy or inspiration to plan anything, but God took care of that too. To start out the week my friend Katie threw me a party complete with roses, cupcakes, and people I love. On Monday, my brothers took me to a movie and while the movie I was dying to see ending up being a huge disappointment, it felt good knowing that my brothers loved me enough to sit through a movie they both hated. We laughed about it as soon as the credits started to roll.

Tuesday included a goodbye/birthday celebration with two amazing friends, and as we ate at Chick-fil-a, took pictures at my friend’s photography studio, and went goecaching we asked each other why we waited until I was leaving to all hangout together. The night ended perfectly when we stopped at Starbucks and the barista suggest Chai as the drink of choice for such a chilly night. My favorite drink, of course, but my friends tried it as well which made my heart happy.

On Wednesday (my actual birthday) I celebrated with my family with a French silk pie and my favorite dish beef subgum. Saturday ended out the week. Packing was stressful, but I finally fit my life into the back of my Nissan Stanza Wagon and headed to St Louis where my friends took me out to Friday’s for a birthday supper. I felt so full, so blessed, so loved. I can’t get over how many incredible people I have in my life which, after surviving a very hard year, feels so good.

Today was another day of celebration. After being in St Louis for less than two weeks God provided an amazing job for me as a nanny, and my plans to go to Kenya at the end of May have been finalized! (More on that to come) With everything falling into place I almost feel like I’m walking in a dream. God has been so good to me providing just when I was tempted to give up and surrounding me with some of the most amazing people. To celebrate my friend Tara and her husband Zach and I headed to the St Louis loop to enjoy dinner at Cheese-ology and then had rootbeer floats at Fitz’s.

As Psalms 73:28 says, “The nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.” As summed up by the picture below. My cup truly runs over.

My cup runs over- rootbeer floats at Fitz's

My cup runs over- rootbeer floats at Fitz’s


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