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Here’s to Love

There are plenty of blogs floating around the cyber world lamenting the state of being single on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve seen enough “I have the best husband in the word” facebook posts to make me question just how many best husbands can live on a single planet. To me both the “Woe is me, I can’t get a date” group and the “look everyone and be jealous” group seem a tad self focused and well, a little insecure. If you’re really so in love please get off facebook and spend sometime with your man, and if you want a date so badly why not try picking up the phone and asking someone out. I don’t want this post to be a rant, so I’ll stop there. What I do want to say is love is beautiful and painful. It’s often messy and usually quite unexplainable which is no surprise seeing as people are involved. The idea that meeting the right person will fix all your problems is stupid. I’m not saying that relationships are a bad thing, I’m just saying that people are flawed and no one person can (or should) be expected to meet your every emotional, physical, and spiritual need. Meeting the right person does not guarantee some kind of never ending marital bliss. Look at the Old Testament story of Isaac and Rebekah. When Abraham’s servant went searching for a wife for Isaac he prayed that God would lead him to the perfect girl. And God did. Rebekah was beautiful, she thought about others, she passed the test the servant set to find just the right girl, and she was willing to leave her family to become Isaac’s wife. Clearly she was the one. But while Isaac loved Rebekah and she is said to have been a comfort and joy to him, it is interesting to note that years down the road Isaac lied about being married to Rebekah in order to protect himself. In doing so he put his beloved in danger. Rebekah later turned on her husband encouraging her favorite son Jacob to trick his father into giving him the family blessing as opposed to his older brother Esau who was his father’s favorite. True love to the end right? Yeah, not so much. The point is we’re all messed up. No relationship is going to be perfect because no two people are perfect. Marriage is a wonderful thing but, it’s hard work that takes a whole lot of commitment and a whole lot of selflessness. But that’s what love is right? Putting someone above yourself and caring more about their needs and feelings then your own. So here’s to love on this day after Valentine’s Day. Go out and care about someone imperfect.


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