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A Child Like This

What Child is This“Who are you texting?” my friend’s daughter asked as she looked up at me as I entered numbers on a handheld calculator.

“I guess I’m texting the calculator,” I answered with a bit of a smile. I love kids. The crazy things they say, the imaginary worlds they live in, the simple yet complex way they look at life, it all fascinates me.

Kids are often so innocent and unaffected by the things that plague adult life. To them, life is a curious adventure, and they are content with love, attention, and the chance to be themselves. I help out each week  with a kids group at my church called AWANA, and honestly it is my favorite part of the week. This week I got cornered by a group of kids who had heard that I am going to be moving, and they peppered me with questions, begging me not to leave. I wish I could tear myself in half sometimes and follow my dreams but still stay with the people I care about. I love those kids so much and it’s not that I have done anything extra special for them it is just that they love someone who stops and pays attention to their world.

When I listen to the kids each week talk about their day, what they want for Christmas, and how they view life, their excitement leaves me seeing more good in the world then I did before I walked in the door. They inspire me. Each week I walk away reminded that life is often about simple pleasures. Seeing a child’s joy and excitement over something as simple as a decorated cookie may seem unimportant, but it is a beautiful thing.

As Christmas approaches, some people get stressed planning parties buying gifts and trying to juggle all of the demands of holiday programs and family expectations, but Christmas is about a child. A tiny, helpless baby who has so much to teach the world. Christ, the King of Kings, became small and weak a dependent infant who, through weakness, provided a way for people to become right with God.

Even today, children continue to show the world what is important. Young children do not care if their friend is wearing designer jeans or if their friend’s skin color is the same as theirs. Kids aren’t concerned with how much money their playmate’s parents make in a year. They just want to play and explore the world. As they grow older, society begins to dictate how they should act, what friends they should and shouldn’t play with, and what people will raise their status in life, but  maybe it is time to stop telling kids who they should be and start learning from them.

Kids are precious, incredible mini human beings; and I don’t think they should be seen and not heard like some adults seem to think. I think they should be listened to and listened to carefully. Children as small as they are have the ability to change the world. I know they change my world every day, and I am a better person because of it.


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The Weather Outside

Three days into December, and it’s hard not to feel the nippiness. I’m not a fan of winter.  Growing up in central Africa showed me that life does not have to be this cold. But I’m here not there, and every time I step outside the icy chill reminds me that winter will be here for awhile.

This week I was driving home after scraping ice off the inside of the windshield of my car (not sure how that even happened), and as I turned the corner coming into town Christmas lights greeted me. Those white lights brought my cold heart some hope. “It’s going to be Christmas soon,” I thought, and suddenly the world didn’t feel quite as heartless.

The best thing about Christmas is it’s a warm glow in the middle of a harsh season. I don’t know if Christ was born on December 25th. Chances are he wasn’t, but I’m glad we celebrate His birth in December. Lights, togetherness, hot chocolate, and colored ornaments. Christmas music, gifts, and time set aside to remember the birth of the prince of peace.

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