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On the Road Again

I’ve been a bit lax in the writing department. I started a post, came back to it a couple weeks later, stared at the first three paragraphs for about 30 minutes, and then just gave up. I guess it’s time to just make a fresh start. So much has happened over the last 12 weeks that it feels like an entire year has gone by, but it’s still 2014 so that must not be true.

It’s been quite the year full of unexpected journeys, life changes, incredible memories, and painful ones as well. But, overall I have to say that I am blessed—so very, very blessed. Each day I see God writing more pages to my life story. It’s amazing just to see pieces falling into place. He has taken me places that I never expected to go and allowed me to meet so many amazing people along the way. Each step has been a step of faith, but I’m learning to hold on and trust God more and more as I see that He knows me even better then I know myself.

The last several months in the US were wonderful being able to rest, see friends, spend time with family, and be apart of my sister’s wedding. Just before leaving the US I got engaged which was a wonderful way to end the trip. I’m so glad that my fiancé was able to come and meet so many of my family and friends. We did a lot of road trips while he was here and now we’re in the UK preparing to celebrate his graduation which takes place later this week.

New pieces of this journey called life. I’m learning to enjoy each piece as it comes and trying not to think too far ahead. Living in the moments big and small. That’s my goal. Each day is such a gift that I don’t want to waste it worrying about tomorrow. God has it all taken care of and even when things don’t always make the most sense there is a reason and a purpose for everything.

I realize this post is a little different then most—more of a life update then contemplative thoughts—but that’s where I’m at right now. Hopefully now that the dust has started to settle from all of this traveling, I should start falling back into a routine and be more consistent with blogging. Thank you all for your patience, and for being apart of this lovely journey of life.



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