Eyes Full of Life

A wave of red curls.

That mischievous, dreamy smile.

A bond, but how do you explain what it feels like to be with someone from the very first day you existed.

Sweet eyes

Full of life

Until July 16th, 1995.

The day we both turned 8 1/2.

I still miss you.

I know I always will, but I’m thankful for the ways you grew me, changed me, made me who I am today.

Thank you, it doesn’t seem like enough but thank you Allison Rebecca.


Filed under Contemplations, Grief, Poetry

6 responses to “Eyes Full of Life

  1. Did you lose her? 😦

    Lovely picture, and an eloquent message. It spoke to me and made me ask the question.

    Never close your heart.

  2. Tabitha Pontier Elliott


  3. Thanks I always appreciate hugs from other twins.

  4. Kathy Stoll

    Interesting, I was thinking of you two just the other day. So sorry for you and your family, but happy to see the way you have gotten on with life.

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